In the late 1980’s, manufacturers replaced the previously asbestos based fibrous cladding system with new lines of fiber cement siding. Fiber cement siding is highly durable, and is created from a number of natural materials like sand and concrete and introduced a new dynamic into the exterior decorating market.

Fiber Cement as an exterior product has a number of benefits; For starters, fiber cement is extremely versatile and can be moulded to mimic a variety of other exterior decorating products.

Fiber cement is naturally very strong, and resistant to mold and mildew. It has a high resistance to temperature and humidity changes as well as being non-combustible. This means that the siding will not warp, crack or bow, nor will it rot or catch fire.

Should you want a change of scenery, fiber cement siding is also easily paintable (where a number of exterior products do not accept paint well – causing flaking and chipping of color.)

Cement Siding