The Clearwater Gutter Protection System eliminates the need for ongoing maintenance. It attaches easily to your existing gutters – repels leaves, sticks and branches, pine needles, balls, frisbees and other debris or objects – and funnels water to flow rapidly through your rainwater system.

NorStar has been installing gutter protection in Muskoka & Parry Sound for over eight years. Over the past few we have expanded our territory in Ontario as far north as North Bay and Sudbury, east to Haliburton, Lindsay and the Kawartha Lakes region, and west to include Midland and South to Orillia.

Keeps Debris Out

How does it work?

During a storm, rainwater is rapidly routed into the gutter while the unique nose-forward design of Clearwater prevents debris – even pine needles – from entering your gutter. The surface tension of the water causes it to follow the contours of the Clearwater into your gutter, while debris simply falls to the ground.

Surface tension is the same property that allows water to rise above the rim of a glass, or why, when you tip a glass of water slowly, the water does not fall straight down, but follows the contour of the outside of the glass.

Patented G-Force Technology

Clearwater Advantages

    • Tough-wearing aluminum with highly durable Kynar 500™ finish preserves the beauty of your home and protects against tree branches or other objects which can damage gutters.


  • Smart Clip™ attachment bracket is stronger than competitive products.
    • Innovative nose-forward design channels rainwater in, while keeping out leaves and other debris.


    • Clearwater is anchored through the fascia of the roof, so it does not penetrate the roof shingles.


    • The exacting angle of the clip works with patented G-Force Technology to ensure water is routed into the gutter and debris is kept out.


The Clearwater Gutter Protection System