Copper is one of the oldest and most easily recognizable building essay editing / professional proofreading service edit my paper – home, faq, what we do, price, estimation edit tiers, contact, log in, essay editing, & professional proofreading service… mediums, dating back thousands of years to ancient egypt. Copper in general carries a very natural look and holds extraordinary physical and atomic properties that make it very ideal for exterior construction. For more information on the general properties of copper, see our websites Custom Copper section.

Copper as a roofing material – although not as common as other materials due to it’s high cost- is one of the most reliable, maintenance free roofing solutions on the market. Copper has a very high melting point of 1084.62 °C, and superior heat dissipation, extreme corrosion resistance and naturally bio-resistant properties. For this reason, contractors will use copper strips to discourage biological growth (including moss and algae) on other roofing products – especially asphalt.

Parliament HillThe expense of copper is a capital investment. Copper roofing maintains longevity and beauty after hundreds of years – just look at our Parliament buildings in Ottawa! Copper is also highly resistant to rust, cracks and pressure damage, meaning your snowload will not threaten the structural integrity of the copper.

The beauty, quality, and longevity of copper is unmatched, even in today’s always-expanding market. Now you should be asking yourself:

“How do I find out more about getting a copper roof put on my house?”

The answer is simple: Call or stop by our showroom today!

Copper Roofing Products