Custom Copper Eaves

It’s no surprise that the popularity of NorStar’s copper rainware and accessories have skyrocketed over the past few years. Because of this fact, NorStar is proud to have an eavestrough team exclusively install copper eavestrough and rainware accessories.

Copper is vibrant and lustrous, its qualities as a building material carry timeless value. Although truly, it is a classic material, copper provides such a modern look, it is still used often in current exterior decorating practice.

We custom fold our copper eavestrough to a few profile specifications. We offer a five and six inch round style eavestrough as well as the standard 5″ seamless eavestrough.

When it comes to choosing your downspouts, NorStar offers large round and square downpipes to match the profile you have chosen, or if your looking for a decorative alternative, we offer a large selection of copper rain-chains. They come in various shapes including boxes, sunflowers and daisies, and ornate chalices.

Copper Clearwater Gutter Protection has also been made available for installation on your home.

If copper sounds like the right kind of material for you, please don’t hesitate to call!

Custom Copper Eavestrough