Copper is one of the oldest building materials within today’s exterior market. Not only does it carry an appealing beauty, it is one of the lightest, strongest, and safest materials offered to homeowners.

Outfitting your home or building with copper is practical, and increases its long term property value – whether showing as the beautiful amber lustre of new copper or that classic aged patina.

Did you know: The Statue of Liberty is made of pure copper hung on a framework of steel. If you would like an idea of what your copper will look like after it has weathered itself. It takes about twenty years for your copper to turn over to the jade-green hue for which it is renowned. This precious metal is a solid choice (both visually and structurally) that will always stand the test of time.

NorStar offers custom folding in copper for flashing and roof edges, valleys and cladding as well as custom designed roofing, eavestrough & gutter protection.

We also carry specialty decorative rain-chains (displayed in the above photo) which essentially act as decorative downspouts to compliment your new or existing copper eavestrough. However, it should be noted that these chains do not act as effectively as a full square downspout.

View our custom copper eavestroughs and explore our custom fabrication options.

Custom Copper