NorStar has been a proud distributor of DaVinci since 2008, receiving nothing but extreme satisfaction from our homeowners who have taken the step.

Davinci RoofscapesDaVinci Cedar Shakes and slates are arguably the most stunning imitation roof materials on the market, maintaining the definitive, hand-split, deep-grained surface you expect from a true cedar shake, and the smooth traditional appearance of slate.

A quote taken directly from their website; the designers at DaVinci have created: “a full spectrum of color schemes for DaVinci Shake. These blends mimic the natural variations of rough-hewn cedar. In fact, to achieve the perfection of color, we matched our colors with that of its weathered counterparts.”

Each panel is created with %100 virgin plastic resins to increase durability and guarantee minimal chances of warped or cracked tiles. A DaVinci roof is built to last fifty years. To back this guarantee, DaVinci offers a 50 year product warranty.

A real cedar shake roof will inevitably deteriorate over the course of its lifetime, making chemical sealants a necessity to maintain the roofs lifespan. Chemical sealants coupled with real cedar introduces probability of dangerous splinters. DaVinci has found the solution, “Fake shake” – meaning fabricated, not fictional- is impervious to many natural deteriorants: mold, mildew, insects, termites, rot, and freeze-thaw damage.

DaVinci’s quality control ensures each tile is equal in terms of structural and aesthetic fabrication. This not only ensures every detail of your roof looks as stunning as you anticipated, it ensures there is no variation in the quality of each piece, in turn, quality control minimizes the waste factor.

Davinci RoofScapes