Eavestrough (also known simply as trough or gutter) is a part of your home’s rainwater management system that helps to prevent mold growth, deck and foundation damage, ice buildups, wet basements and landscape destruction.

This division of NorStar has grown to three full-time trucks with one crew specializing in copper gutter protection and custom copper work through the influx of the installation season.

Already, you can understand how important it is that your home is outfitted with a correctly installed and well-placed eavestrough system. It is your first defense against all of the mentioned ownership disasters.

Decades of experience and subsequently gained knowledge makes NorStar the obvious first choice when it comes to the rainwater management of your home. Our installation crews and sales representatives have all the information you will need to protect your investments.

All NorStar eavestrough – offered in 30 aluminum colours and several copper options – is installed with heavy gauge brackets and fasteners, allowing NorStar to offer a 3-year workmanship warranty.

At NorStar, your troughs are fabricated and installed on-site. All of our trough-trucks are equipped with seamless eavestrough machinery.

For example – you need a fifty foot run of gutter along the back of your home. The measurements of your home are taken, and eavestrough is run through the machine accordingly. A seamless piece of eavestrough is fabricated, and placed on your fascia board. The gutter has no “seams” – there are no fasteners to attach pieces of trough together – meaning there is nowhere for the rainwater to leak from the trough.

After proper application of downspouts, your troughs are ready to weather any degree of rainstorm. From this point, you can choose to install Gutter Protection and eliminate the annual maintenance and inevitable cleaning associated with eavestrough. If you’re looking to go maintenance-free, explore Clearwater or Alu-Rex gutter protection systems.

Five Inch Seamless Eavestrough