If you’re looking for a little more out of your shingle, Owens Corning has you covered. Visit the showroom at NorStar and browse the numerous colors we have to offer.

Owens CorningNorStar offers its customers two shingle styles from the Owens Corning product line; The Oakridge and the Duration Premium. Both of the products are a laminate profile, to provide an emulated shake look and feel at a fraction of the cost of real shakes.

Owens Corning is the leading edge in traditional roofing, employing new technologies that are far above the rest. SureNail technology and double lamination – along with the use of fiberglass instead of the commonly used base material, tarpaper – increase the strength, durability and elemental resistance of your roof.

Each shingle is infused with a zinc-copper alloy for algae resistance (These algae resistant shingles are marked with the suffix -AR), with a prorated warranty for ten years against discoloration due to algae growth. For more Warranty Information. Click the above product name to visit the official Owens Corning webpage and discover their other great products.

NorStar offers Owens Corning products both retailed and installed. Our specialized installation teams are fully trained and qualified to install fiberglass shingles, these teams are division-specific. Your installers will be specialized in the installation of the roofing material of your choice.

Owens Corning Fiberglass Shingles