NorStar is pleased to offer both premium traditional wood siding, and in keeping with a strong commitment to maintenance free products, engineered wood siding both manufactured by Goodfellow.

Enjoy the legendary quality of wood siding (available in Lodge Pole Pine or Western Red Cedar) or GOODStyle, an engineered wood siding product, either an excellent choice for your home, cottage, boathouse or garage.

First class, top of the line products that are astonishingly weatherproof and remarkably durable that use only the highest quality stains. (Goodfellow exclusive patented painting process ensures quality that has been recognized for over 100 years.)

Goodfellow offers a 25 year warranty on an opaque finish (1 year on semitransparent) with their engineered product offering a limited 50 year fully transferable warranty. Either choice makes your vacation time your own because you won’t have to stain your home or cottage every couple of years.

Be it that natural wood siding look that you like or a classic solid colour is your preference there is a kaleidoscope available – just consult your NorStar sales representative.

Wood Siding